Private GP

Private GP Services

Our GP services offer you the standard GP services currently available to you within the NHS, however, what makes our services unique are that you are given the control. This means that you can book your emergency, or routine appointments at a time more convenient to you- reducing your waiting time and allowing you to see a doctor with minimal interruption to your life.

Aesthetic Cosmetic Services

Here at The Unicare Group, we provide a range of cosmetic services including, IPL Laser Hair Removal, Laser Liposuction Cavitation, Laser Skin Rejuvination and Skin Tightening and Laser Tattoo Removal all performed by highly qualified staff.

Drivers Medicals

Unicare Group can supply full medical reports for all reasons, including drivers medicals for HGV drivers, PSV drivers and Taxi drivers.
We are here to offer you help and advice on any matters, in a safe professional environment, with fully qualified staff and Doctors on hand.

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Why Choose Us

  • Private GP Appointments
  • Aesthetics carried out by highly qualified GP’s
  • Driver medicals for HGV, PSV and Taxi Drivers
  • Minor Surgery
  • Orthopaedic procedures (intra articular / joint injections)


First time having my lips done, and it couldn’t have been more friendly and professional if they would have tried. Also cannot believe how amazing the price is considering it’s done by a gp! You pay more than that at beauticians who aren’t qualified with a medical background! Will be going again I love my lips and the most important part for me is that they looked natural and mine do so happy! Thank you to the friendly receptionist who kept me company whilst I watied and to the actual practicioner who not only went out of his way to ensure I had the best experience possible but also ensured every step of the way that I was happy with my outcome.
Claire A
Been putting up with painful joints for months, Dr Bammidi examined me, diagnosed carpul tunnel, one painless injection later and within 48hrs the pain has gone, and at last I can wear my rings again. Not sure why I suffered for so long, but can definitely recommend this surgery. From the initial phone call they obviously care about their patients and even the bill was reasonable!
Angela M
Prior to treatment I was informed, in detail, about the procedure in a most relaxed and friendly manner. I was made to feel at ease throughout and the professionalism added to my confidence in having chosen this clinic out of the many available. I was delighted with the results and left thinking I would be back for other treatments in the future! Thank you Unicare.
Anna M
Thank you for your professionalism

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