GP Services

GP Sevices
Our GP services offer you the standard GP services currently available to you within the NHS, however, what makes our services unique are that you are given the control. This means that you can book your emergency, or routine appointments at a time more convenient to you- reducing your waiting time and allowing you to see a doctor with minimal interruption to your life.
The process is simple- you will be reviewed by our onsite, fully qualified and registered GP, who will take your medical history and discuss your health concerns with you. If you require an examination this will be done, and you will be advised of the best course of treatment. You may be given a prescription, referred back to your own GP, or referred to secondary care.
The focus of our GP services is to offer you help and advice on all or any of your health matters, in a safe environment. You can find comfort in the fact that your doctors and the staff you will interact with are all fully qualified, and will deal with your concerns in a professional and confidential way.