Joint and Soft Tissue Injections

Shoulder Joint

Gleno-humeral joint (Frozen shoulder, Arthritis) Sub-acromial space (Impingement, Tendinitis) Acromio-clavicular joint (Arthritis) Sub-acromial / Sub-deltoid bursa (Bursitis) Biceps tendon (Tendinitis)


Lateral epicondyle (Tennis elbow) Medial epicondyle (Golfer’s elbow) Elbow joint per se (Arthritis)

Hand And Wrist Joint

Soft tissue around thumb Wrist injections (Carpal tunnel syndrome) Hand injections (Trigger finger, arthritis)


Hip (Trochanteric bursitis, Meralgia paresthetica)


Knee (Arthritis of knee joint)

Foot and Ankle Joint

Ankle joint (arthritis, Gout) Tendons (Peroneal tendinitis, Tibialis anterior tendinitis) Nerves (Tarsal tunnel syndrome, Morton’s neuroma) Heel Pain (plantar fasciitis) Great toe (Arthritis, Gout)