Tattoo Removal

What is Laser Tattoo Removal and how does it work?
Tattoos can be permanently removed from the body by focussing a laser at the tattoo which injects the skin with intense light. The penetration of the laser into the skin breaks up the ink particles and leads to tattoo fading. The immune system will then work hard to flush the pigments out.

Each client has unique skin sensitivity which means some people may find it a little bit painful, whereas others may experience nothing but slight discomfort. The sensation is quite often compared to that of a ‘stinging’ snap of an elastic band against the skin.

Each person and their tattoo respond differently to treatment. Factors such as ink, colours used, age of the tattoo, skin colour of the client and tattoo depth all affect how well the treatment works. Black absorbs the most light which means it is often the easiest colour to remove. We would recommend between 4-6 treatments, however, it depends on each person and their tattoo.

Shortly after treatment your skin may appear ‘blistered and white’ but this settles within minutes and is not a cause for concern. Small blisters and red skin – almost like sunburn – are common following treatment. If a blister forms, it should be left well alone and not popped.

To soothe the treated area, clients are advised to apply a cold compress periodically to relieve any soreness. It is also advised that you do not partake in any strenuous exercise which may cause friction or irritation to the area e.g. running, football, and swimming. 

We strongly urge you not to pick any blisters or scabs as this causes a rick of infection and scarring to the area.

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